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RLG offers aggressive DUI defense including representation at DMV hearings.

DUI Defense We suggest you:

1. Don't answer questions

You have a right to remain silent in any criminal case. If you start talking, you waive your rights and anything you say will likely hurt your case. You still need to be cooperative, polite and provide your name, driver's license and address. The questions you should not answer are questions that have anything to do with the events leading up to and including your traffic stop. Contact RLG, if you have questions regarding the right to remain silent.

2. Don't admit anything

Some clients make admissions like "I only drank 2 beers" or "I am really drunk now." Statements like these are not good for your case and can be repeated to the judge or jury if your case goes to trial. It is best not to say anything and request to speak with an attorney immediately. Do not lie, but rather - simply remain silent.

3. Don't do coordination or eye tests

If you are stopped and suspected of DUI, you are not required by California law to submit to Roadside Field Sobriety Tests. At RLG, we question the accuracy of these tests and, as a result, it is advisable to respectfully decline (this advice does not always apply to breath or blood tests, which are discussed below). You should also decline any HGN eye tests. This occurs when an officer asks you to look at a small penlight moved from side to side. Because you are not required to submit to these tests, we at RLG recommend you decline.

4. Ask to speak with a lawyer immediately

Upon arrest you should immediately ask to speak with a lawyer.

5. Submit to breath or blood alcohol tests

Many people ask whether or not they should submit to breath or blood tests. And, while some attorneys disagree on the advice, most of our DUI lawyers believe you should generally submit to a blood or breath test if it's your first arrest for driving under the influence. You should still ask to speak with an attorney prior to your decision, because, if you have prior DUI convictions and your driver's license is already revoked, you may have nothing to lose by refusing to submit.

RLG attorneys are experienced in all aspects of DUI law. If you have been arrested for DUI, a criminal defense attorney at RLG will fight to protect your rights. We serve the entire Bay Area.

For outstanding legal representation, please contact RLG for a free consultation: (415) 877-4486

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