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Jane Doe v. Commercial Truck Driver:

RLG in conjunction with another law firm recovered a $3,000,000.00 settlement on behalf of a 22-year old-woman for the wrongful death of her mother. The decedent was a 51-year old off-duty postal worker who was broadsided at an intersection by a commercial delivery truck. The commercial delivery truck driver and his employer denied liability, claiming that the driver had the right-of-way. RLG conducted extensive and comprehensive investigation into the accident, including but not limited to obtaining facts, such as locating and obtaining written statements from all witnesses; obtaining video-tape footage of the accident scene from a witness’ camera phone; locating and documenting the condition of both vehicles prior to any repairs; and obtaining a DMV “abstract” for the truck driver.

As result of this extensive and comprehensive investigation, RLG was able to confirm that the truck driver intentionally accelerated through the intersection against a red traffic signal, and that he was driving without a valid driver’s license. A settlement was reached during mediation just one month after filing of the complaint. The evidence RLG gathered also aided the District Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of the truck driver for manslaughter charges.

Negligent Motorist v. Pedestrian:

RLG recovered the policy limits on behalf of a 31-year old-woman for injuries sustained after being struck in a crosswalk by an inattentive driver. The unsuspecting pedestrian had a preexisting condition known as Bulimia Nervosa. The injuries sustained as a result caused extreme exacerbation of the condition including emaciation, electrolyte imbalances, and bone density loss.

As result of extensive investigation and discovery including consultation with a physician, RLG was able to argue that our client was a typical “eggshell” victim and, that but for the negligence, the condition would have never been exacerbated. Settlement was reached before a lawsuit was filed, and negotiations are underway to recover under an additional underinsured motorist insurance policy.

Jane Doe v. IHOP:

RLG recovered an undisclosed amount for a 61 year old woman who suffered a debilitating fall while entering IHOP. The fall was caused by the negligence of the restaurant’s employees in failing to ensure proper placement of the mat, which posed a dangerous condition for patrons.

RLG conducted extensive factual investigation into in to the fall, including proper maintenance and placement of the mat. In addition, RLG was able to utilize the destruction of potential evidence by IHOP employees to its advantage during pre-filing settlement negotiations.

RLG also consulted outside experts, including a biomechanical expert to refute a baseless defense that the patron caused her own fall.

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