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Defendant Jane Doe v. Insurance Company

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Defendant Jane Doe v. Insurance Company

We successfully defended our client, a Google employee, against a greedy insurance company that filed an action against her in subrogation arising out of a fire damage claim.

Our client relocated to San Francisco and unwittingly entered into a unilateral lease agreement which required her to be immediately insured without a grace period. While moving in with the help of friends and associates, a personal item was placed near an outdated, dilapidated and unsafe stove, which ultimately caused a fire within the unit. The owners of the unit sought excessive compensation for the repair of the small studio, which ultimately caused their insurance to go after our client in subrogation.

After RLG attorneys got involved in the case, we were successful in exposing the comparative fault of the unit owner’s and excessive insurance claims. The parties reached a settlement in which our client paid a cost of defense settlement, which was de minimis compared to what the insurance company sought ($200,000 in damages).

This case represents our unwitting confidence and resolve to challenge greedy insurance companies who choose to go after someone after they are contractually obligated to pay for damages as a result of an accident.