Plaintiff v. Elderly Transportation Service

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Plaintiff v. Elderly Transportation Service

We recently resolved a case involving the negligent transportation of a loving grandmother in the twilight of her life after years of service to her community as a nurse. The grandmother was being transported to a medical appointment when the driver drove recklessly over a speed bump causing her to suffer a fractured back. Although our client had multiple preexisting medical conditions causing squeamish attorneys to turn down the case, our office could not stand idle since the injury confined her to a wheel chair.

Our office took on the task securing her a high six figure settlement so her and family can enjoy the rest of days without the financial burden of this incident.

This case represents why our office should be considered before many of the paid for “first page” personal injury attorneys, some of whom, care less about what they can do for the client and more about what the client can do for them. We will continue to fight on behalf of elderly plaintiffs and will not allow this case to affect our resolve to make insurance companies pay, even though someone may have had a preexisting injury.