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DUI Defense

The act of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), absent an accident or collision, often does not cause actual harm to any individual; thus, it is not a "private wrong," or tort. It may seem, to a frustrated arrestee, to be a victimless act. However, the DUI act harms society in numerous indirect ways; thus, it is a "public wrong," or crime. Without even causing physical damage, DUI harms society by:

  • Creating fear, stress, and anxiety in sober drivers who are aware of pervasive drunk driving
  • Decreasing use of roads by afraid individuals and businesses, thus inhibiting the economy and interstate commerce
  • Restricting the perceived freedom of mobility of other drivers, bus riders, bicyclists, and even pedestrians
  • Discouraging driving vacations for relaxation, pleasure, and time with family
  • Increasing the perception of night and holiday danger, thus depriving working people of relaxation on public holidays
  • Decreasing satisfaction with the enforcement of public safety, and thus the justice system.

That is why California's elected officials chose to make a DUI a criminal offense, where the arrestee becomes a criminal defendant and the state of California becomes the plaintiff, even if no actual harm occurred.

Often the DUI arrestee does not initially realize the seriousness of the DUI charge in the eyes of the law. Once the gravity of the charge is recognized, the accused will be in the right frame of mind to learn how the criminal justice system can favor the accused. Criminal suspects are innocent until proven guilty and must be proven guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt." Furthermore, the DUI accused will be pleased to learn of other factors in his or her favor: the rules of evidence, strategic defenses, and constitutional protections.

The DUI lawyers at RLG are experienced in all aspects of DUI as well as the criminal justice system and the factors favoring the accused. RLG offers aggressive DUI defenses including representation at DMV hearing.

Criminal Defense

Rencher Law Group, P.C. Attorneys and Counselors at law, specialize in assisting good people when bad things happen to disrupt their life.

Most people and companies are not only innocent of criminal allegations but are subjected to overreaching and manipulating prosecutors and judges, who simply rubber stamp allegations due of the illogical fear that everyone accused of a criminal activity must have done something wrong, many of whom have no real life experience and have no understanding of the struggles of individuals from different walks of life.

While the accused are supposed to "presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" they are subjected to excessive bail and redundant allegations that simply do not fit the alleged criminal activity. To add to a broken and dysfunctional "criminal justice system" there are many attorneys masquerading as Criminal Defense attorneys only take your money then plea you out.

If you are a company or individual accused, RLG attorneys and counselors at law will assist you in understanding factors in your favor including but not limited to: defenses and constitutional protections that some lawyers either simply do not understand and/or do not try cases. Our Criminal Defense lawyers at RLG have experience using all these factors in order to best advocate on your behalf.

Our Criminal Defense lawyers at RLG have experience handling DUI defense, misdemeanor, felony cases, white collar and insurance crimes. We have firsthand experience with district attorneys throughout the Bay area and understand how the prosecution builds their case.

If you have been accused of criminal activity, a Criminal Defense attorney at RLG will fight to protect your rights. We serve the entire Bay Area.

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