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At RLG we employ a team approach to streamlines the case process and provide the necessary continuity for handling of your matter while achieving the results you deserve.

Please contact Rencher Law Group, P.C. for a free consultation: 877-RENCHER.  We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Team

RLG is a full service law firm located in San Francisco and serving the entire Bay Area.

Our Attorneys and Counselors at Law provide aggressive and effective plaintiff-side representation and skilled defense whether you need it for a civil matter or you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Unlike most firms that limit their practice to one type of law, our attorney-counselors at law are able to assist you with almost any legal matter that you may encounter including personal injury, wrongful death, real estate and general litigation.

With prior District Attorney Office Experience, we also handle select criminal defense matters so you won’t get pled out by an overworked solo criminal defense attorney.

Accordingly, no matter what your legal issue, we remain at the ready to assist you as we are focused, dynamic, and result-oriented in your legal endeavor.

Attorney and Staff Profiles

D.L. Rencher, Esq.

D.L. Rencher, Esq.

Principal and Counselor at Law of Rencher Law Group, P.C.

Rencher Law Group, P.C. (“RLG”) was founded by David Leonardo Rencher (“D.L.”).  Mr. Rencher is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan where he joined the United States Marine Corps after High School.  While a Marine, Mr. Rencher served as an Aircraft Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician and cross-trained with multiple Camp Pendleton Structural Fire Departments receiving the outstanding service accommodation and the National Defense Medal for service during Operation Desert Storm.

Mr. Rencher attended junior college while still an active duty Marine and transferred to the University of California Los Angeles (“UCLA”).  With no family financial support, he worked his way through college as a Trauma Scribe and Telemetry Technician at a local hospital.  He had considered medical but an ever dying interest in curbing social injustices persuaded him to consider law school where he thrived.

Interestingly, Mr. Rencher took a brief detour through film/arts studies starring in multiple plays and productions.  Although he enjoyed the arts, an that ever-present interest and desire for social justice remained.  Thus, Mr. Rencher shifted his focus to law foregoing a “casting call” for the “Power Rangers” to sit for the Law School Admissions Test.

Mr. Rencher graduated from UCLA with honors and attended Hastings College of the Law.  He was a member of the Trial Team and received the Moot Court Award for “Best Oral Advocate.”  Mr. Rencher was a Legal Education Opportunity Program (“LEOP”) Teaching Assistant and mentored first year law students in their transition.  He then interned at the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office where he specialized in opposing suppression motions in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases.

Mr. Rencher started his practice of law defending health care professionals expanding into a wide range defense of licensed professionals and litigation.  Thereafter, he broadened his practice to the defense of medical institutions, businesses, professionals from all fields, and individuals accused of crimes.  He has since sharpened his skills as a Trial Lawyer trying cases including personal injury, elder abuse, wrongful death, real estate and general litigation.

As prospective client of RLG you will benefit from his vast experience whether in the prosecution of and/or defense of your matter.

For outstanding legal representation, please contact Mr. Rencher for a free consultation: 877-RENCHER.

Michael Espinosa, Esq.

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Associate Attorney and Counselor for Rencher Law Group, P.C.

Michael Espinosa, Esq. is a Associate Attorney and Counselor at Law at Rencher Law Group, P.C.  Prior to joining Rencher Law Group, Mr. Espinosa worked for a prominent Bay-Area plaintiff-side law firm, focusing on products liability, wrongful death, and other personal injury cases.

By way of background, Mr. Espinosa is a first generation Mexican-American college and law school graduate. Mr. Espinosa’s passion for social justice and advocacy originates from his humble beginnings growing-up on the border town of San Ysidro in San Diego, California, where he witnessed the injustices that so many underrepresented communities face.  It is here where Mr. Espinosa desire to help others in need was born.

Mr. Espinosa attended junior college and subsequently transferred to San Diego State University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and obtained his undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, all the while working his way through college as a student-worker in various departments throughout the San Diego Superior Court. After graduations, Mr. Espinosa spent nearly 3 years as a Disability Evaluations Analyst for the Department of Social Services adjudicating Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Espinosa’s career as an analyst, he continued his pursuit for justice and attended the University of California Hastings College of The Law.  At U.C. Hastings, Mr. Espinosa was an active board member of La Raza Law Students Association.

While attending U.C. Hastings, Mr. Espinosa practiced as a Certified Legal Intern for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office and the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, specializing in prosecuting Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) cases.

Mr. Espinosa is an experienced litigator trying both criminal and civil cases throughout the State Courts of California.  Mr. Espinosa also has experience in business litigation and advising, commercial contract disputes, and employment law, including wage and hour and wrongful termination.  He also handles select criminal defense matters including DUI Defense.

For outstanding legal representation, please contact Ms. Rivers for a free consultation: 877-RENCHER.

Hilary Ming

Hilary Ming

Associate Law Clerk and Mandarin Consultant at Rencher Law Group, P.C.

Ms. Ming graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of California, San Diego.  She obtained a B.A. in Political Science with an emphasis on Public Law.  Ms. Ming is currently gaining professional experience and knowledge of various areas of law before she attends law school.

Ms. Ming assists in handling a variety of cases including personal injury, real estate and general litigation matters.  She specializes in working with her community handling mandarin clients in order to provide unique and invaluable insight into a sometimes daunting legal process.

Ms. Ming was recently admitted into University of California, Los Angeles (“UCLA”) School of Law where she is set to earn her Juris Doctorate in 2022.

Hilary has dreams of eventually becoming a judge.  Through her unique perspective as a woman, a minority, and an immigrant, she wants to interpret and shape the law in hopes of making an impact not only on her own community but also on American society as a whole.

For outstanding legal representation, please contact Rencher Law Group, P.C. at: 877-RENCHER.


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Legal Assistant/Law Clerk at Rencher Law Group, P.C.

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Firm Photo Coming soon…

Legal Assistant at Rencher Law Group, P.C.

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For outstanding legal representation, please contact Rencher Law Group, P.C. at: 877-RENCHER.