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Personal Injury

Rencher Law Group, P.C. Attorneys and Counselors at law, specialize in assisting good people when bad things happen to disrupt their life.

Personal injuries can affect your life for months and/or years. However, with the Focus, Dynamic and Result Oriented attorneys at RLG Injury Lawyers you may be able to recover compensation for your losses including compensatory and special damages for full and fair compensation.

In general, the law allows for an injured persons to sue for a civil wrong and obtain damages for losses as a result of someone else's negligence. While it is the job of personal injury lawyers to ensure that injured persons are compensated or "made whole" as result of another's negligence or intentional conduct, insurance companies attempt to prevent you from obtaining the recovery you deserve.

With the help of RLG Injury lawyers we will do more than just send a demand instead we will file suit to ensure that you are "made whole" and not short changed by a weak lawyer or an insurance company's skewed value of your personal injury claim.

RLG Attorneys and Counselors at Law handle a wide variety of personal injury matters, among them are:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: RLG Injury lawyers represent individuals who have suffered serious injuries in accidents involving cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, Uber and Lyft Drivers, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles on crowded San Francisco Bay Area roads.
  • Bicycle Accidents: RLG Injury lawyers represent bicyclists injured on San Francisco Bay Area streets in personal injury and wrongful death claims. If a cyclist survives a collision, he or she will likely have serious injuries, including fractures and dislocations,traumatic brain injury and/or internal organ damage and even wrongful death.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: In the busy streets of San Francisco, crossing the street can be dangerous as pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users since there is nothing protecting them if they were struck by a car, truck or even a bicycle. RLG Injury lawyers have obtained substantial results for clients in pedestrian accidents.
  • Slip-and-fall Accidents: RLG Injury lawyers are here if you were involved in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property, and your resulting injuries were caused by their negligence, you have the right to bring a personal injury claim against that person.
  • Product Liability: Our experienced product liability lawyers represent individuals in cases involving defective products when a product manufacturers puts a product in the stream of commerce with a design defect, manufacturing defect and/or marketing defect. We are skilled at making claims for negligence, strict liability and/or breach of warranty.
  • Dog Bites: Serious dog bites can lead to scarring, disfigurement and other injuries. If you are the victim of a dog bite, RLG experienced injury lawyers team will get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Food Poisoning: If you became sick from a food-borne illness after eating at a restaurant or other establishment, our RLG injury attorneys will assist you in bringing a claim against the liable parties.
  • Sports and Recreation accidents: If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident while playing sports, RLG injury attorneys can provide you with skilled advocacy.


Personal injury matters where someone acted in a negligent manner and that carelessness caused harm to another person. Examples include car accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents and slip and fall accidents are among other types of cases.

Intentional Acts

Personal injury matters where a defendant's intentional conduct causes harm to another person. Examples include assault and battery, and other intentional torts.


Personal injury laws apply when one person's defamatory statement causes harm to another person's reputation. Examples include publishing untrue and harmful material on the internet.

Plaintiff Determines that Defendant Breached a Legal Duty

The specific legal duty depends on the situation in which the injury occurred. For example, drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles with the level of care that any reasonable person would exhibit while on the road. Doctors have a duty to provide medical care with a level of competence that a reasonably skilled health care professional would use under similar circumstances.

Rencher Law Group, P.C. Attorneys and Counselors at Law handle personal injury matters in a variety of ways, among them are:

  • Claim to Insurance Company. In cases where it is clear that defendant breached a legal duty, then the defendant (or the insurance company representing him or her) may wish to resolve the claim prior to filing suit. This typically involves filing a claim with the defendant's insurance company which includes an analysis of liability, damages and demand for compensation. The insurer then typically makes an offer of monetary compensation to the injured person, in exchange for the injured person's binding promise not to file a lawsuit over the injury.

    If you agree to a settlement, the case ends. If not, a personal injury lawsuit is filed. Unlike some firms, RLG injury lawyers will file suit when the compensation is inadequate or unfair.
  • Filing a Suit to Effectuate Your Rights at Law. While the majory of cases resolve before trial they sometimes require suit to effectuate rights at law. In cases where it is clear that defendant breached a legal duty, and his or (his insurance company) refuses to "make you whole" a lawsuit is required.

    This typically involves filing a lawsuit in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred and conducting discovery to demonstrate negligence. Settlement negotiations continue even after suit is filed but it typically occurs after the defense has conducted discovery including review of medical records and taking the deposition of plaintiff and witnesses. Thereafter, the suit typically proceeds to mediation and/or trial if the insurance company and/or defendant refused to pay the value of your case. Thus, settlement can be reached at any time prior to the civil case being given to a jury.

    RLG Injury lawyers will not accept "low ball" offers and stand ready to try your matter as we have recovered millions of behalf of our clients.

Rencher Law Group, P.C. Attorneys and Counselors at Law recommends including the following if you have been injured by the Negligence:

  • Preserve Evidence

    Immediately following an accident is the most important for finding and preserving evidence -- and documenting your injuries. Even though you may be in injured and in pain it is important to do your best to document as much pertinent information concerning the incident as possible. RLG injury lawyers will assist and guide you to preserve crucial evidence in order to strengthen your case.
  • Physical Evidence

    Physical evidence from motor vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents are key in demonstrating the severity of impact and collision and/or the severity of the physical injuries sustained. Liability or who is at "fault" for an accident can be determined with the use of "physical evidence" -- physical evidence is usually something that is taken directly from the scene.

    RLG injury lawyers will assist and guide you to obtaining physical evidence to strengthen and bring your case alive.

    Evidence that is not preserved or photographed shortly after the accident often gets lost, destroyed, altered by time, the elements and in some cases can be reparied. Accordingly, it is important to perserve any physical evidence related to your personal injury including your damaged car or bike, clothing in the same condition it was immediately followling the accident. RLG injury lawyers will assist you in gathering crucial physical evidence.
  • Take Photographs

    If there is little or no physical evidence or for any reason such evidence cannot be preserved, the next best option is to photograph it. Photographs including through your cell phone can be invaluable to your personal injury claim. Photographs typically provide an accurate depiction of the scene including position of the vehicles, weather, lighting, traffic conditions, obstructions from various vantage points.
  • Return to the Scene

    If an accident occurred somewhere other than in your home, return to the scene as soon as possible to locate any evidence and photograph any conditions you believe may have caused or contributed to the accident. You may be amazed to find something that you were not aware of when the accident occurred but that may help explain what happened: a worn or torn spot on which you fell, a traffic light that isn't working.
  • Obtain Police Report

    After any moderate or serious car accident, pedestrian and/or bicycle accident especially involving injuries, it's essential to report the incident to the police. The police will conduct an accident investigation to determine the cause of the accident which can be invaluable to pre-litigation settlement discussions notwithstanding the fact that the report is usually inadmissible in court.
  • Take Notes and Evidence of Your Injuries

    Photographs of your injuries establish the extent of your damages and will help to tell the story of your pain.

    Without question, medical records are key to establishing the extent of your injuries and subsequently, the amount of compensation demanded. They are key documenting medical treatment and determining the nature and extent of your injuries whether you were taken away from the scene by ambulance or sought treatment immediately.