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Wrongful Death

A wrongful death occurs when a person dies due to the negligence, careless, reckless or intention act of another person or entity.

RLG experienced wrongful death lawyers thoroughly investigate your case, collect and analyze evidence in order to develop a focused and personalized legal strategy for you after the loss of a loved one. We assist you in determining liability and deal with insurance claims and other responsible parties.

We help recover damages for any medical bills, funeral costs, lost future wages, and pain and suffering for the surviving family members.

RLG wrongful death lawyers will fight to make the most successful recovery possible as we have successfully helped to recover millions of dollars on behalf of our wrongful death clients.

Time is of the essence in many wrongful death actions because preserving evidence and identifying defendants are key factors in many of the underlying accidents involving death cases. Hiring an experienced RLG wrongful death attorneys therefore should not be delayed.

At RLG, we are dedicated to your cause and we will aggressively pursue the case on your behalf.

We assist in gathering information to help your case while letting you proceed with the grieving process.